A Little Introduction from Us

We run a roadside farm stand that uses the good, old-fashioned “honor system” cashbox to do business. Our commitment is to serve up produce the way that Mother Nature intended.

The Garlic Gardeners offer a broad variety of flowers, vegetables and culinary herbs. Our plants look, smell and taste better because they take no sides. When you shop with us, you can be assured that there are never any: pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or GMO seeds.

Our small greenhouse gives us the ability to start the varieties that suit us, so we never have to settle for what’s available at the box stores. Many of our favorites have been handed down for over 3 generations. And, since we don’t have to pack, ship, store, or package, we have the luxury of allowing our produce to “vine ripen”.

When you look across our fields, you won’t see plastic protection or massive monoculture crops, but you will see a few rows of this and a few rows of that. Every crop is exposed to the elements, meaning that they’re able to mature and ripen at their own pace and never forced into production. As a result of this naturally grown process, most of our crops will only be available each season for a limited time – the way nature intended.

We use two of the latest, hottest, most technologically advanced growing tools in the industry: a minimum soil disturbance, walk-behind tractor for cultivating and a couple of hand-weeding/harvesting gardeners. (Both are from the 1950s).

Our definition of fresh is “picked from less than 500 feet away within the last 24 hours”. What’s yours?

Jim and Carol The Garlic Gardeners